Buying-up the cables

Buying-up the cables

SIGLO buys copper, aluminum, lead, and steel cables. The company also buys bulk quantities of electrical, energy, telecommunications, computer, construction, and installation cable scrap, electric car beams, household appliances electric beams, etc.

We invite the following entities to cooperate with us:

  • scrapyards
  • vehicle dismantlement stations
  • electrical equipment processing plants
  • production companies
  • renovation companies
  • demolition companies
  • individuals
  • other entities possessing cable scrap.

SIGLO has the status of GIOŚ (the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection) recycler. Cable scrap is subjected to R4 and R12 recycling methods R4 and R12, at the recycling plant in Karczew, near Warsaw.

We issue a waste transfer card (in Polish: KPO) with each transaction, as well as a recycling confirmation document (in Polish: DPR).


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